A Warning To Any Driver That Has Failed To Buy Car Insurance

The law in Ontario demands possession of automobile insurance by anyone that owns or leases a motored vehicle. In the absence of such a policy, the owner has no right to operate his or her vehicle. By the same token, a leaser has no ability to provide a customer with an insured vehicle, one that is ready to be driven on the road.

Consequences faced by driver that has failed to buy car insurance

If driver involved in accident, then he or she should be providing any police officer that arrives at the scene with proof of insurance. A driver’s inability to provide such a proof eliminates the same driver’s right to sue the other driver, in the event that the uninsured motorist has been injured.

In Ontario, a driver that gets injured in a motor vehicle accident will be denied access to income replacement benefits. In addition, an uninsured motorist must pay a fine. The fine’s size depends on the frequency with which the violation (lack of insurance) has been discovered.

Drivers guilty of a 1st offense pay between $5,000 and $25,000. Drivers that have committed 2 or more offenses pay between $10,000 and $50,000. In addition, those same drivers could have their licenses suspended for 1 year.

Does a pedestrian or a cyclist need automobile insurance, in order to get compensated, in case some driver has injured him or her?

No, not in Ontario. In that Province, anyone that has been involved in a car accident qualifies for Ontario’s benefits. In fact, a pedestrian or cyclist has several options, if he or she wants to sue the person that was responsible for the unfortunate on-road incident.

The uninsured but injured individual has the right to seek compensation from the company that has insured the responsible driver. Ontario’s law even provides for coverage of the victim of a hit-and-run incident.

First, that victim must satisfy an obligation. The Province asks such victims to assist the police with finding the motorist that drove away from the scene. Once that motorist has been located, the motorist’s insurance company must compensate the injured pedestrian.

Suppose that the responsible driver/motorist had failed to buy any automobile insurance? What happens then? In that case the money needed to compensate the injured victim/pedestrian comes from an office of the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund. The victim can file a claim with the help of Car Accident Lawyer in Cambridge.

Ontario’s government realized that there could come a time when certain injured and uninsured walkers with funds from a payer of last resort. If the government had not created such a source, then some walker that got injured in Ontario, while crossing the street.