Advice On Strategy That Yields Most Desirable Personal Injury Settlement

The claimant in a personal injury case has the option of negotiating a settlement with the defendant’s insurance company. By exercising a proven strategy, the same claimant increases his or her chances for obtaining a desirable settlement.

Essential aspects of winning strategy

Claimant should have in-mind a minimum settlement figure. That figure is not stated in the demand letter. In fact, it might be changed, depending on how the adjuster responds to the demand letter. Personal Injury Lawyer in Cambridge knows that a claimant’s attitude could prove of upmost importance. Inpatient claimants tend to make a terrible mistake; any one of them could agree to settle, after receiving the adjuster’s first offer. That eagerness ought to get replaced with a readiness to work towards a reasonable compromise.

If the adjuster makes an exceedingly low offer, the claimant’s best strategy entails seeking an explanation. That can mean calling or sending an email to the adjuster. Then the recipient of the call or emails should note what the adjuster has said or written. The claimant’s response should be based on those same notes.

The claimants can increase their chances for obtaining a most desirable settlement by playing up any emotional points in their argument. For instance, it helps to include a picture of the damaged vehicle in the demand letter. Claimants should seek to understand the unwritten rules of bargaining. Each bargainer waits to hear how the other bargainer responds to the latest offer. Smart bargainers never make a second offer before finding out how the other side has responded to the previous offer.

Be prepared for the time when there is agreement on a settlement figure. Have the insurance company prepare a written statement, one that gives that agreed-upon figure. The same letter should also include the date when the promised compensation would be mailed to the claimant or the claimant’s lawyer.

Why negotiations might not go smoothly

• Claimant seeks to be compensated for a serious injury.
• Claimant’s demands have included a request for money to compensate for lost future income or the cost of future medical care.
• Questions remain as to who is to blame for the injury-causing accident.

An added strategy to use when negotiations do not go smoothly

Claimants’ strategies can get a boost from the experience obtained by a lawyer. In other words, it helps to retain an attorney. An attorney’s guidance can prove especially helpful if the insurance adjuster has failed to respond to a recent offer.

That seems to put an end to negotiations. A lawyer would know when and how to apply pressure by filing a lawsuit. That can bring the adjuster back to the bargaining table, because the insurance company does not like to face the claimant in a courtroom.