Do You Have The Right To File A Personal Injury Claim?

Did someone else’s negligence cause you to become injured? If so, would you like to seek compensation for your losses? You may be able to file a personal injury claim.

Do you need a lawyer?

No, but if you do hire an Accident Lawyer in Cambridge, then you will have managed to protect your rights. That is especially true, if the issue of liability is raised. The insurance company might allege that you are partly responsible for the accident. If you have a lawyer’s support, you should be able to fight such an allegation. In the absence of an attorney, you might be forced to accept the ruling from the insurance company. That would mean a reduction in the size of your compensation.

Rules that you will need to follow

In order to get coverage of your losses by money from the responsible party’s insurance company, the incident that caused your injury must be covered, as stated in the terms of the defendant’s insurance policy. You must submit your personal injury claim before the deadline that is given in the statute of limitations.

If you plan to file a claim against a governmental body, then you must provide that same body with the appropriate notice. That notice needs to give your intentions. At the same time, it must get sent to the proper office, and it must arrive within a given number of days, following the accident.

If someone you know has died, you may be able to file a wrongful death claim. In order to file such a claim, you must be a representative for the estate of the deceased, or a member of the deceased’s family, ideally someone that had depended on the deceased for support.

Why do personal injury lawyers handle wrongful death claims?

Sometimes the injury sustained by the victim of an accident is so severe that the same victim eventually dies. The legal system recognizes the chances for that chain of events to take place. Hence, certain personal injury lawyers are willing to handle a wrongful death claim.

The medical system has made an effort to keep the injured victim alive as long as possible. Someone must pay for the cost of such services. In that way, a wrongful death claim shares some of the features of a personal injury claim.

Frequently, the deceased individual was a source of support for other family members. When that is the case, it becomes necessary to determine the value of the lost monetary support. The wages earned by the deceased, before the accident, should show the value of that support. Personal injury lawyers often get asked to pursue the task of going after the compensation for a client’s lost wages.