How Does Injury’s Nature Differ From Its Extent?

The nature of a given injury refers to the type of harm done to the body and to the seriousness of the resulting physiological effects. While the value of an injury is the expected monetary compensation for the injured victim.

An injury’s value reflects its nature

The value increases, when there has been evidence of a large amount of pain and suffering.Discomfort can cause suffering-

• Damage to certain parts of the body results in development of a marked amount of suffering
• Damage to other areas tends to cause only a mild amount of suffering.

An injury’s location also affects its value.

Some injuries create a long-lasting or permanent abnormality to a region of the body. Sometimes that abnormality hampers the expected movement of that same region.

• The separation of vertebrae, although unseen, reduces the mobility of the backbone.
• A dislocation of the vertebrae, also unseen, has the same effect on the backbone’s movement.
• In contrast to those 2 abnormalities, the loss of a leg or foot produces unmistakable evidence of reduced mobility.

How can an insurance company be made aware of the degree to which a back abnormality has affected the movement of the backbone?

The treating doctor should use technical language in the medical report and the testimony from an expert could be used to match that technical language with the extent of the injury’s effect on the body. A treating physician should prescribe pain medication, and also help the patient/victim to explore ways for overcoming the impediments to the backbone’s mobility

• Create a firmer level of support for the bed’s mattress
• Find a suitable and wearable back support.
• Arrange for physical therapy to take place in the doctor’s office or at a recognized medical facility.

The ideal approach must satisfy the insurance company’s desire for evidence of an injury’s extensive effects and also the jury’s need for easy-to-understand information, as per personal injury lawyer in Cambridge.

An injury’s lasting effects also work to increase its value

The extent of certain effects tends to increase as the affected victim ages. The likelihood for the emergence of such developments ought to be mentioned in the medical report.

If a doctor has failed to explain all the possible consequences for a given condition or a specific treatment, the patient/victim could struggle to make an insurance company fully aware of the extent of the same condition’s effects. So, an absence of information could influence a determination of the condition’s value.

The absence of such information could weaken a personal injury case, if it has allowed the insurance company to fill in the blanks. That could be the situation, if an adjuster has chosen to suggest that some device could have kept the victim from suffering great harm.