Should Someone With Minor Injuries Start A Personal Injury Case?

Some members of the public think that only an accident victim with serious injuries should contact a personal injury lawyer. Actually, any victim that does not know exactly what further medical problems he or she might have ought to gain the support of a personal injury attorney.

Multiple factors must be considered by the accident victim, regarding the decision on whether or not to hire a lawyer.

How great is the level of pain that the victim must endure? Has an effort been made to record the times when a painful sensation was felt? Documentation of pains becomes essential, if the insurance company seeks proof of a complaint.

Did the accident cause any mental pain? That would include problems such as anxiety, shock and depression. Understand that someone with an injury that has not yet been diagnosed might be exhibiting symptoms of mental pain.

That fact underlines one of the reasons for seeking a lawyer’s assistance. Accident Lawyers in Cambridge have learned how to fight an insurance company’s insistence on an early settlement. If it looks like the driver or any passenger might have an injury that has not yet been identified and diagnosed, then it is too early to settle the dispute between the claimant/victim and the insurance company.

What has been the injury’s effect on the claimant’s/victim’s daily life? Has the claimant/victim become disabled or disfigured in any way? That can force the disabled or disfigured individual to make changes in a daily routine, or in a plan for the future.

Why a lawyer’s help is so important, if a claimant’s/client’s plans for the future appear uncertain?

An attorney can help obtaining the witnesses that have the ability to testify, regarding the expectations about the future needs and challenges of the injured claimant/client. For instance, does the prognosis indicate the need for future medical treatments, perhaps more surgery? If that is the case, that could affect the claimant’s/client’s opportunities to earn a living.

Employers do not readily hire someone with holes in his or her resume. Still, the possible need for more operations suggests the necessity for taking time off from work. If the employer uses that as an excuse for ending a worker’s employment, then that action could create a hole in the terminated worker’s resume.

Moreover, it could be that the doctors cannot say when a possible complication might show up. Suppose it shows up after the claimant/client is one month into a new job. At that point, the new hire does not yet have the record that allows for access to health care coverage. The effects of the accident have disrupted that person’s life, if only temporarily. A good attorney could advocate for a fair compensation.