What Are The Statute of Limitations For Filing A Child’s Personal Injury Lawsuit?

When a child has been injured, the last thing you think of in that moment is obtaining compensation but over the next few days and weeks, you will find yourself missing work or rearranging your schedule so you could be with him or her throughout the healing process. This absence of work can lead to struggles in the near future when it is time to pay bills.

When you have a child who has been injured, you also have a legal right to take someone or a company to court in order to gain some type of compensation for those injuries. This compensation can be used to pay bills, pay hospital bills, pay for gas to travel to and from medical care, and anything else that your child may need in order to recover. When it comes to filing a claim, you have a limitation period in order to file. With a limitation period, Personal Injury Lawyer in Cambridge can legally file a lawsuit against someone or a company in order to obtain compensation for your child’s personal injury.

Vehicle collision can cause injuries to a child or an adult. When a child has received injuries in an accident and you can provide proof that the other driver is at fault, then you can actually file a claim against the other driver. There is a limitation period of 24 months from the date of the injury to file a claim.

As a legal guardian of your child, you can file the claim for him or her at any time throughout the 24 months. If the child turns adult, during the 24 months, the child may need to file the paperwork instead. The same rules apply to those who have experienced an injury due to medical malpractice. If the malpractice caused cerebral palsy, the child has until the age of 21 to file a suit against the physician for injuries sustained because of the negligence. However, trying to do it all on your own can be difficult and that is why consulting with a good lawyer can help.

If you plan to file a claim due to your injuries or your child’s injuries, you will need to consult a lawyer who can represent you in your malpractice lawsuit. A lawyer who has experience will be able to assist you every step of the way so you can concentrate on what matters the most, your child. It is important that the lawyer you choose has handled similar cases in the past.

Many parents do not realize that lawsuits can be filed against an individual or professional who may have caused injury to your child whether that injury is temporary or permanent.