What Happens In A Fender Bender With No Injuries?

That’s a minor accident, but you should still call the police. They can help you out and document the necessary facts and details. That will help you if the other driver suddenly turns hostile and uncooperative. Also, your injuries from the accident may not show up for several months.

Go to your nearest police or sheriff’s station and file the report yourself if the police don’t come. Make sure you talk to the other driver before doing so. You’ll need the other driver’s information to file a police report.

Talk to witnesses whenever possible and get their contact information and sides of the story. Make sure you note exactly where the accident took place. Also, mention how the accident occurred in detail. Take pictures at the accident scene. – you can include those in the report.

What if the Police Tell You to Just Exchange Information?

If the police require you to exchange information with the other driver, then get the following from him or her (the other driver:)

• Legal name and contact information
• Insurance company details and policy number
• License plate number and driver’s license information
• Color, type, and vehicle model

If the driver and the insured are two different people, document their relationship, and get both people’s legal names and contact information. Get this information from legal documents like insurance policies and actual driver’s licenses.

If you have any doubts, call the other party’s insurance company and verify the information at the accident scene. Just don’t give the insurance company any accident details yet.

Wait for the Police to Arrive

The police are busy, so it can take at least an hour for them to come to some accident scenes. Don’t sweat it. Wait and assess the accident scene and situation, help anyone hurt, gather evidence, get names and contact information from the appropriate parties, protect the scene from further damage, and be mindful of what you say.

Only provide the specifics and answer the questions the officer asks when he or she arrives. Extraneous information will end up in the report and can be used against you when you’re trying to get a settlement. Hiring a good personal injury lawyer in Cambridge will only help you. A lawyer who’s experienced will work hard to get you the settlement you want, need, and deserve. If you’re having trouble finding an injury lawyer who can help you get a settlement for your injuries, then we recommend reaching out to one of our team members at our office. We would be happy to provide support and guidance during this challenging time for you. The severity of your injuries will also likely be masked for at least a few months by the adrenaline rush you experience right after an accident. That effect can and often does linger for a while.