What Sort of Personal Injury Cases Highlight The Need For A Lawyer?

Not everyone with a personal injury case needs a lawyer’s assistance. However, some cases become considerably stronger, once an attorney has provided some form of help. How should a potential client approach the task of deciding whether or not to hire a lawyer?

Situations that highlight the need for a lawyer

1) A policyholder that has submitted a first party claim, and has not obtained sufficient coverage, or has not obtained a decent level of service from the policyholder’s own insurance company. Maybe the company’s adjuster has claimed that the policyholder bears some responsibility for the reported injury. This is the sort of case where a lawyer’s experience and training could prove helpful. An attorney could file a lawsuit, and make the insurer more willing to pay a larger level of compensation.

2) Someone living in a no-fault state has suffered a severe injury in a car accident. The law allows that victim to sue the responsible driver. Still, the process used for filing a lawsuit is one that lawyers understand to a greater degree, than do members of the general public, including any prospective client.

3) A family has been in an accident. The driver was not injured, and the other family members do not appear to have any injuries. Should that family hire an Injury Lawyer in Cambridge?

While no injuries have shown up during the days immediately after the accident, the driver or any occupant might have a latent injury, one with late appearing symptoms. Consequently, the same family should not get pressured into agreeing to a quick and low settlement.

That would certainly be true, if any children had been in the impacted vehicle. Their presence could be used as a reason for seeking an extension of the deadline that had been laid down by the statute of limitations. That would allow more time for checking on the possible existence of an overlooked medical problem.

What you should know if you want to handle a case on your own

• All of the rules that relate to fault and legal liability: Where to find such rules?
• Any of the state laws that could relate in some way to the accident that caused your, or a family member’s injury
• What types of compensation are available for different types of damages?
• What is the statute of limitations? How long an extension could you hope to get, if your child has been injured?
• Do you have reason to suspect that the driver or any occupant might have been injured?
• Would you know how to watch for any signs of a late-appearing injury? Would you know what action to take, if you suspected that you had witnesses the evidence of such an injury?