Who Qualifies For Car Accident Benefits?

In states with no-fault insurance, any person that was injured in a car accident has the right to seek accident benefits, regardless of who was at fault. In the Canadian province of Ontario, anyone that was involved in a given accident has the right to go after car accident benefits, regardless of who was at fault.

In states with at-fault insurance, any car accident benefits go to the injured victim, if the defendant had purchased an auto insurance policy with liability coverage.

The groups of men and women who do not qualify for car accident benefits, even after sustaining an injury

• Any person that was aware of the fact that his/her license was not valid
• Any person that was aware of the fact that he/she had chosen to drive, while not in possession of a license
• Any driver that had been excluded from the right to drive the insured vehicle, according to the insurance policy for that same vehicle
• Any passenger that knew that the driver did not have the owner’s permission to drive the insured vehicle
• Anyone that had provided the insurance company with some form of misrepresentation
• Anyone that was engaged in a criminal act, during the time when the reported accident had taken place

What other actions could delay or cancel delivery of requested car accident benefits?

The injury lawyer in Cambridge say that the driver’s failure to call the insurance company and report the accident. An injured victim’s failure to follow the treatment regime that the treating physician had prescribed; details in the victim’s medical report should support or refute any claims, about a victim’s efforts to follow such a treatment regime.

Any victim’s failure to consult with a personal injury lawyer, following the denial of expected benefits.That denial could come following the initial submission of a request for car accident benefits. Or it could be denied after the victim had attended a scheduled independent medical examination (IME).

That denial could come following the insurance company’s examination of the statements in the victim’s medical report.

That denial could come following the insurance company’s discovery of some picture or statement that the injured victim had posted on a social media network.

Which of the victim’s expenses would be covered by issuance of the car accident benefits?

• Medical expenses
• —Cost of treatment
• —Cost of medications
• —Cost of any surgical operations
• —Cost of hospital stay
• —Cost of ambulance services, on day of accident
• Lost income
• Cost of adaptations to home, if victim had become reliant on a wheelchair
• Cost of a caregiver’s services
• Cost of rehabilitation

If the victim had suffered a fatal injury, then the victim’s family could seek coverage of funeral and burial expenses.