Why Should I See A Doctor After An Accident?

Many people who have been in an accident may be tempted to deal with their injuries themselves. After all, they don’t want to pay a doctor or hospital when they don’t have insurance. However, medical attention will help determine how badly you were hurt, giving your personal injury lawyer in Cambridge a better idea of what kind of compensation you deserve.

• The most obvious reason is to ensure that you are healthy. If you don’t seek medical attention after an accident, then there’s no way of knowing if there’s anything wrong with your body or if any injuries need to be treated. If there are no visible injuries and you don’t go through a physical examination, then how will anyone know if something needs to be treated or not? You could undergo unnecessary procedures just because no one took the time to examine your body after an accident.
• Another reason for seeking medical attention for an accident is so your lawyer can prove that the injury happened through no fault of your own. This can be done by showing the extent of your injuries to the court, which sets the groundwork for getting compensation. To do this, you’ll need proof of your injuries in terms of X-rays, repair costs, rehabilitation costs, and any permanent disability you suffered from the injury. Your lawyer will also need an accurate account of when the injury occurred and how it happened, so they have a foundation from which to build their case.
• The third reason why seeking medical attention is essential is because it helps determine whether or not you sustained any permanent injuries from the accident. For example, if you’ve suffered a head injury or spinal cord injury, you may have sustained permanent damage even though you may feel fine at first. This can make it difficult for you to file an insurance claim later down the road if your injuries aren’t properly documented immediately after an accident occurs.

What Happens If I Delay Getting Medical Attention?

Going to the doctor not only helps treat your injuries but also makes it difficult for insurance companies and courts to determine whether or not a particular injury was caused by an accident unless there are clear signs of trauma on your body or in case of internal injuries where the external signs may not be visible at all times.

Without medical attention, your injuries might worsen, and the insurance company would refuse to compensate, stating that you delayed seeking medical attention. A lawyer will ensure that all of your rights are protected and that you receive proper compensation for all your pain and suffering!