About BLFC Injury Law Firm

BLFC Injury Law Firm has long been recognized for achieving superior results for clients who have sustained serious harm in accidents caused by another individual’s careless or negligent actions.  Our client-centered philosophy sets us apart from other personal injury lawyer in Cambridge firms and enables us to offer clients the accessibility and personalized service that they deserve.  Clients turn to our firm for professional legal representation and to meet their needs practically and promptly.

We’re here for You

Our team of lawyers, legal assistants, and support staff has the experience, knowledge, and resources to handle the most complex personal injury matters.  Our multi-service legal firm provides legal representation for injury victims only.  We never represent the insurance companies or the large corporations. BLFC Injury Law Firm provides clients with the knowledge and resources required to meet their legal needs.  At the same time, we remain accessible and focused on serving the client.

Our injury lawyer in Cambridge team understands that you’ve been through a traumatic experience and will always be compassionate to your needs.  We are guided by the following 3 core values of:

  • Results – we know that practical and timely results are paramount. Our established track record of favorable outcomes proves that clients can rely on our legal team to aggressively represent them at the negotiating table or in front of a judge and jury.
  • Service – we pride ourselves on being attentive and responsive to the client’s needs and objectives, no matter how complex their personal injury case is.
  • Value – BLFC Injury Law Firm respects and understands the financial needs of the client. We provide exceptional value by working cost-effectively to achieve the results that the client is deserving of.

Our personal injury lawyer in Cambridge team takes a caring, compassionate approach to the client and will use whatever resources are necessary to benefit them the most.  While working towards a settlement, we will handle any and all claims and paperwork required by the insurance company and their lawyers.  If their offer is insufficient, we will take your case into the courtroom.

The need for Our Services

You haven’t been home from the hospital 24 hours and are just starting to recover from your injuries.  Yet you’re already getting inundated with paperwork, questions and other requests from the insurance companies, law enforcement, and medical professionals.  You’re getting overwhelmed and are looking for answers.  Now is the time to contact BLFC Injury Law Firm.

Hiring an experienced injury lawyer in Cambridge team ensures that you’ll benefit from our experience assessing claims, dealing with the insurance companies, and working with opposing lawyers.  We’ll help you understand and navigate through the complex legal procedures, the maze of paperwork, the negotiations towards a settlement that is typical in most personal injury claims, and any other legal actions that transpire.

What You should expect from Your Lawyer

Not all personal injury lawyer in Cambridge firms are alike.  Some practice personal injury law exclusively while others do not.  In fact, most do not possess the experience, knowledge, and qualifications that our lawyers do.  When you hire BLFC Injury Law Firm, you can expect the following:

  • Convenience – we make it easy for you to focus on your recovery by coming to your home or the hospital if you’re unable to come to us.
  • Credentials – we will be more than happy to share our credentials with you and explain why we are the most qualified to handle your case.
  • Fee structure – like most personal injury firms, we operate on a contingency fee basis meaning you pay nothing up front and are not charged a fee unless we win your case.
  • Practice areas – we handle personal injury cases exclusively and only represent the victim, not the insurance companies or large corporations.
  • Trial experience – the insurance companies are aware of our track record of success and know that we aren’t afraid to take cases in front of a judge and jury.

For more information regarding our firm and the areas of practice we focus in, call BLFC Injury Law Firm today