Tips On Dealing With Defense Team During Slip And Fall Case

The team that is advocating for the defendant in a slip and fall case hopes to prove that the plaintiff helped to cause the injury-creating incident. If you are the plaintiff, then you need to prove that the defense team has no case.

The rule known to Ontario’s personal injury lawyers

If you own or have control over a property, then you must make sure that people remain safe on those same premises. That rule applies to invited guests, or contractors working at those premises. It does not apply to an intruder or uninvited visitor. An error made by the person that fell cannot be discounted, during a determination of the payments to be made, in order to cover damages.

Were there any witnesses? If so, can any of them support the plaintiff’s claims?

Was any type of video camera directed at the location where the plaintiff fell?

Was anything obstructing the view that should have been available to that same camera?

If you are the plaintiff, then you must seek an answer to this question: How can I prove that I did not add to the severity of my injury?

What type of footwear did you have on at that time? If you were wearing a sturdy pair of shoes, then that could be used as proof. Of course, the team working with the defendant would want to look at the shoes you were wearing. Did you save them?

Were you paying close attention to where you were going at that time? Can you recall the nature of any warnings that might have been placed in the vicinity of the dangerous area where you fell? Can you attest to the fact that there were no such warnings?

If you were using a cane or a walker, had any sign been posted that seemed to suggest that you would be safe in the spot where you were walking? For example, had the business posted a sign that said “Automatic door; stand back”? That would have suggested that the door could stay open on its own, and did not need to have anyone standing in front of it.

How could you benefit from hiring a lawyer?

By hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Cambridge, you would enjoy a greater chance for receiving the size of compensation or jury award that you deserve. For instance, an attorney could arrange for the insurance company to see the full extent of your injuries. If the insurance company were to visit you while you were recovering in a bed, possibly at a rehabilitation center, then that could help you to get a larger compensation package. Lawyers appreciate the value of an injury that puts someone in such a situation.