Relation Between Legal Issues And Attorney Fee Arrangements

The nature of the legal issues that would be addressed by a given client’s case would determine the sort of fee arrangement that could be available to the same client.

Attorney charges an upfront fee

That would be a flat fee. A potential client might need to pay for a period of consultation. That payment would be included in the charge that could be made upfront, before the client has had a chance to benefit from any legal services.

Contingency fees

Most personal injury lawyers seek only a contingency fee from each client. The client and attorney agree on what percent of the client’s winnings will go to the attorney. While the lawyer’s expenses could be added to that contingency fee, there would be no charge for a period of consultation.

During the consultation, the consulted attorney would be able to judge the case’s value. Based on that assessment, he/she would then decide whether or not to take on the potential client.

Some lawyers charge a flat fee

Such fees cover the cost of legal services that involve lots of paperwork. The nature of the paperwork could determine the fee’s size. A simple job could be performed at a low cost for the client.

A lawyer might set an hourly rate

That is the system used by most lawyers. Under this system, the client pays for the attorney’s time, which could include many hours in a courtroom. Sometimes the lawyer’s charge includes the cost of paying a paralegal, in order to obtain added assistance.

Some lawyers ask for a retainer fee

This is really a deposit. The money paid by clients goes toward covering the total cost for the lawyer’s services. A Personal Injury Lawyer in Cambridge that has received a retainer from a client should expect to hear from that same client at all hours of the day and night.

Fees’ common features

Established by means of a written agreement, one made between client and lawyer. Sometimes that agreement makes no mention of the costs that must be covered by additional funds, which would need to come from the client.

Statutory fees are unlike the others

Laws passed by the government regulate the sizes of the various statutory fees. Lawyers that deal with bankruptcy and other financial issues must obey the governmental regulations, when charging for their services.

Some members of the public hesitate to pay for legal services. Lawyers have perfected skills that help them when advocating for a client. Not everyone has such skills. That is why the average man or woman should come up with money for those valuable legal services after any family member has suffered a personal injury as the result of an accident.