What Does Automobile Insurance Cover?

Insurance for your automobile is available to drivers all over the provinces. When you take out a policy, you basically sign a contract to pay them a premium to provide insurance to you and if an accident occurs, then they agree to pay a certain amount for your accident.

The insurance contract is a legal binding agreement that gives all the details about how much it will cost you and how much the insurance company agrees to pay you for your loss. If they don’t then you can call on the Injury Lawyer in Cambridge to file a claim. There is also a fee that you will be charged, if you do not have this contract with an insurance contract.

The insurance contract gives you a sense of protection financially, if you were to be in an accident. It also protects you from a certain amount of damage, if you are taken to court, due to the accident that you were involved in.

An automobile insurance policy is mainly to offer you protection in case, there are physical damage done when an accident occurs. It also helps with paying any type of bodily injury that results from the collision. Automobile overage is available in different plans and each plan cost a different amount so you can determine how much you want to pay and what coverage you need based on several different factors. There are basically six different types of policies available for you to purchase. They include:

• Automobile Liability Coverage. This type will protect the driver if they harm another driver or if there is property damage done due to a vehicle accident.
• Uninsured and Under-insured Motorist Coverage. This is a very important coverage to consider. You never know if they driver that hits you or is involved in an accident with you will have insurance coverage until after the damage is done. While its against the law in many states to not have insurance on a vehicle that is on the road, some people still do it.
• Comprehensive Coverage. This type of coverage helps you if you need to repair or replace your vehicle if it has been damaged in a collision or if your vehicle was stolen.
• Collision Coverage. This type of coverage is available to help the driver pay for the cost of repairing a vehicle after it has been involved in an accident. It only covers the damage done as a result of the accident.
• Medical Payments Coverage. This type of coverage is available to assist in paying for injuries that is caused by an accident.
• Personal Injury Protection. This type of coverage is important if you need extra coverage due to an accident that may have occurred with more severe and long-term injuries.

Talk to your insurance representative to see what coverage is available for you and consider the cost of each based on your needs.