Explaining The Standard of Care In Ontario

During the typical personal injury case, the plaintiff claims that the defendant did not do what an ordinary, reasonable, prudent and cautious person would have done in the same situation. Yet not every defendant can be described as an ordinary man or woman. When that is the case, there is a different definition for Ontario’s

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Mythical Aspects of Imagined Personal Injury Lawsuits

Sometimes an adult that has a verifiable personal injury lawsuit dreams-up a mythical reason for refusing the hire a lawyer. This writer has witnessed what can happen when an adult gives-in to that myth-fueled reasoning. So, this writer knows what can happen if someone believes that lawyers try to get rich by accepting frivolous cases.

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Significance of Catastrophic Accident Injuries In Ontario

When lawyers in Ontario get asked about the Province’s definition for a catastrophic injury, those members of the legal profession refer the questioner to Ontario’s Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule. According to that Schedule, a catastrophic injury is one that burdens the victim with life-changing challenges. The challenged victims must have been in a motor vehicle

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